At Country Gates and Barriers it is imperative that our installation, testing and commissioning is beyond all other expectations.

Unlike ourselves, not many Perimeter Security companies have the accreditations that we hold & working to an incredibly professional standard, our general process from start to finish is as follows:

  • Receive official order or letter of intent.
  • Acknowledge receipt of order.
  • Meet with the designated project manager and discuss the project.
  • Discuss and agree specification to quotation, any particulars, correspondence, extra works added.
  • Conduct full site survey (where applicable).
  • Compile and agree full method statement and risk assessments.
  • At this stage a delivery time will be allocated and the client will be informed.
  • Procurement of materials and allocate installation team to specific dates.
  • Visit site prior to commencement of work.
  • Installation team specifically visit site and undergo H & S site inductions.
  • Take delivery of our equipment, unwrap safety wrapping and dispose.
  • Install equipment and carefully taking care of other installation trades and surroundings.
  • Test, commission and hand over with full supporting documentation.
  • Clearly describe override facilities and provide keys.
  • Remove all debris and completely clean the area of installation.
installation process


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