ANPR Number Plate Recognition is becoming an increasingly popular system, using technology to record and register vehicle number plates.

A perfect solution for sites where access is required fairly quickly, our ANPR systems can be integrated into any security system such as Automatic Gates, Barriers and Bollards.

Offering a simple way to manage traffic on your site, ANPR Number Plate Recognition systems are now recognised as an easy to use cost-effective solution.

In addition to providing a low-cost access control option, this can also be linked to “Pay and Display” car parks and benefits include, a ticketless and barrier-free system, increased security, 24/7 car-parking management, reporting/account management and include the automatic generation and issue of parking offences.

Key features include;

CCTV style cameras are positioned at the entrance and exit to read vehicle number plates in and out, to be programmed to allow access to certain vehicles registered on a system or linked to designated customer car-parks for increased security.

Typical applications include;

Small / medium premises, logistics companies, business parks, schools, hotels, leisure centres, hospitals and marinas.