Our CGB5750 Speed Ramps and CGB5800, CGB5850 and CGB5875 Flow Plates are designed to work in conjunction for traffic control.

Offered as a low-cost solution, these four products offer a highly effective method of restricting speed.

The CGB5750 Speed Ramp is manufactured from heavy-duty re-cycled PVC components and available in two different heights. The 50mm version reduces vehicles to speeds of 15-20 mph and the 75mm version to speeds of 5-10 mph.

The CGB5750 Speed Ramps available in 500mm lengths can be interlocked together using fixing bolts to match any road width and the 75mm high version includes a central tunnel to allow for cabling for items such as temporary traffic lights , water supplies etc.

The CGB5800 Sunken Flow Plate is constructed from heavy-duty mild steel and incorporates a built-in counterbalance ensuring that it returns to the upright position after a vehicle passes over it. It is for vehicles no more than 7.5 tonnes travelling in a single-directional route and prevents other vehicles travelling from the opposite direction.

Designed for installations without substantial foundations, the CGB5800 has noise reduction buffers unlike much cheaper models.

The CGB5850 Surface-Mounted Flow Plate is very similar to our CGB5800, with the exception that being designed for installations with suitable foundations, no road surface excavation is required. It is a spring-loaded product, rather than the CGB5800 counterbalance type, is for single-directional traffic, deters vehicles coming from the opposite direction and has a maximum weight load of 7.5 tonnes.

The CGB5875HD, with a built-in heavy-duty sprung action, allowing a return to the upright position straight after being driven over, is designed to accommodate heavy-goods vehicles as well as cars, vans and the like.

Again, as mentioned above, it is for single-directional traffic, deters vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Available as a surface-mounted option only, the CGB5875HD is a highly effective, stylish and simple heavier-duty solution for speed reduction and one-way traffic control.

With all of these products we recommend signage to warn on-coming vehicles to reduce speeds.