Ground Loops

This is a very popular “add-on” to many of our Automated Gate Installations, especially where there is some distance between the property and the Gates. The “Vehicle Inductive Loop Presence Detector” connects to your Gate control panel which would allow “free exit” through your opened gate once the vehicle had passed over the loop of induction cable is hidden under your drive. This is typically fitted with a Timer Clock, which would disable this function in the hours of darkness to avoid vehicle theft, although you would still be able to use Remotes and all other forms of access control (Keypads, Intercoms etc.)

Standalone KeypadStandalone Keypads

A “standalone” Keypad is a self-contained access control device, allowing entry or exit through your Gates using a 4-digit code. It is ideal for anyone wanting to enter or exit your property, who you trust with the code (which can be changed very easily at any time), but have no other means. This could be a family member, gardener, postman etc. and any of our Keypads can be wall-mounted on to Posts or Piers or on a Vehicle Post at car-window height to avoid having to get out to enter the code.

Push to Exit ButtonPush-to Exit Button

A “Push-to Exit Button” does exactly what it says and is a more cost-effective option than the “standalone” Keypad, although your security would be compromised because it is only a button to press to activate and not a code, which would mean anyone unauthorised within your property would have a “free exit”.

If a low level of security is required, this is considered an ideal option.

GSM Switcher

The “GSM Switcher” is another very popular form of access control, especially on very busy multiple-use applications and is fitted to the Gate control panel. By calling the number of the SIM card inserted in “GSM Switcher”, the system checks if the number of the caller is recorded in the memory. If the number exists in the database, the system rejects the call and turns on the relay for the determined period, opening the gate without charge. If the number of the caller is not recorded (random caller or misdialed), the contacts of the relay are not connected and the gate will not open.

Up to 200 numbers can be stored & this can be managed by adding and deleting entries via text.

This is absolutely ideal for many busy sites & cuts out the cost of Remote Control Transmitters or the need to continually change a Keypad code.